Saturday, 23 January 2016

31. Books.

After reading Natalia's remarks about e-books, I got inspired and decided to pick up this subject as well. Every friend of mine knows that books are one of my biggest passions. Reading them makes me feel relaxed and, what's more important, it stimulates my creativity and enriches my knowlegde. Nowadays, when technology is still developping, it becomes more and more popular to read e-books instead of traditional ones. A lot of people find this really comfortable, but I'm definitely not one of them. All these electronic gadgets make me feel puzzled, I don't keep up with them. What's more, I'm quite sure that using them too often is harmful for our health and can bring us a headache. That's why it's enough for me to use only my laptop and a mobile phone, I don't need anything else. As to books, when I read I want to hold something "real" in my hands and paper books give me this opportunity. I also belong to the group of people who appreciate this inimitable, specific smell of the book. Obviously, I couldn't feel it having an e-reader. Another reason why I'm not convinced to read e-books is the fact that I'm a quite clumsy person so I would surely drop my e-reader, destroy it and lose my whole library in a flash. Until I'm limited to paper books, it would never happen. All in all, e-books are certainly very useful and people all over the world enjoy reading them, but I still prefer traditional ones. Who knows, perhaps I will change my mind in the future. 

Friday, 22 January 2016

30. Zumba!

Semester finals are always very stressful and demanding. Students are forced to do many things in a small period of time, which isn't easy (nor pleasant) and requires a lot of energy. In order to forget for a while about all those duties and finally do something for myself, I've recently signed up to zumba classes. It's pretty surprising, even for me, that I decided to spend my free time in an active way. I am certainly unused to exercise, but I actually find these hour-long classes quite enjoyable. It turns out to be a great way to get rid of all bad emotions that I feel after a tiring week at the university. Zumba triggers positive energy and really motivates me to work. I suppose I would get frantic if I had to spend all days buried in books and academic articles, so Zumba seems to be the perfect solution. These classes allow me to feel free, happy and relaxed for a moment. Obviously, nothing lasts forever and I must eventually go back to my tasks. I hope I will be eager enough to study and I will somehow survive this difficult time. Keep your fingers crossed! 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

29. Going down with the flu.

I am extremely happy that winter has finally come. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to fully enjoy it. I seem to follow an annoying "tradition" and I'm sick again, right after the first frost. I have always had some problems with my immune system so it's hard for me to fight against any viruses. In my struggle with sickness I use not only medicaments prescribed by doctors, but I also appreciate traditional methods. My family feeds me with strange amber beverage or garlic-honey mixtures. Those aren't very tasty (actually, they aren't at all, I can feel the smell of garlic in my mouth for the whole day), but I don't doubt their efficiency anymore. I can observe the gradual decline of all symptoms. I hope that this so called alternative medicine combined with drugs against flu will bring my health back. Meanwhile, I'm trying to apply the advice from the picture. The "fluffy blankets" part is my favourite one. I don't like avoiding others though - nobody wants to be alone when sick and miserable.